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Iowa State Professor Creates A Vodka That He Promises Will Give You Less-Terrible Hangovers

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Des Moines Register- The company behind  a new vodka developed by an Iowa State University professor claims its purity will leave drinkers less hungover than other brands. IngeniOz, a purportedly 100 percent pure vodka, recently began appearing on Iowa store shelves, according to Oz Spirits, the Clear Lake company that launched it. The vodka is made by the Iowa Distilling Co. in Cumming using Iowa corn and a process by Johannes Van Leeuwen, a professor and bioengineer at ISU, the Mason City Globe Gazette reports. The result, makers claim, is a vodka with zero impurities known also as congeners, non-alcoholic substances resulting a spirit’s fermentation process. The more congeners present in a spirit, the more likely its consumer will get a nasty hangover, research shows. “For comparison, Smirnoff has eight impurities, Absolut has 16 and Grey Goose has 14, according to tests conducted at Iowa State University,” the Globe Gazette reported. IngeniOz is currently only for sale in Iowa and goes for about $24 a bottle.


Okay now we’re talking!  If you ask me there aren’t enough universities and scientists across the country focusing on how to make hangovers less-terrible than they are.  It should be a cause that the country binds together for and finds a cure for this horrible thing.  So I appreciate the professor at Iowa State taking up the cause and putting his best foot forward.  I know I shit all over Iowa State because they suck but I’m not blind.  I can recognize when somebody is doing things for the greater good and that’s precisely what this ISU professor has tried to do.  Sounds like he made some progress too.  Any progress in the area of making hangovers preventable is a win in my book.  It’s the one thing I would get rid of if I had one wish.  Not world starvation, not genocide, not ebola, not Justin Bieber.  Those things will get figured out over time.  But hangovers?  That’s an epidemic which shows no sign of slowing down or stopping any time soon.  I would abolish hangovers from Earth in a heart beat if I could.  That’s the kind of person I am.  Helping unshackle the binge drinkers and the drunks from their headache and vomit-filled fate.  I don’t have to tell you hangovers are the worst things ever.  Well this professor just made that dream a little closer to reality with vodka that leaves people with a less harsh hangover the next day.  I don’t even drink vodka but I might have to start.  No, it’s not abolishing them completely like we all wish it did.  But it’s a small step.  A small step that could lead to the eventual extinction of hangovers.  Good on you, ISU professor.  You’re doing God’s work.


PS- The vodka is corn-based.  Go figure.  So Iowa.