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Man With Machete Face Tattoo Accused Of Machete Attack

I like that we live in a country where people are, by law, innocent until proven guilty. I have only once in my life been accused of a crime (arson, big time mix up and a story for another day) and I am glad this is the law of the land. I also liken myself as open-minded and accepting, so when I see a mugshot come across my Twitter feed with someone covered in face tattoos, I try not to judge them too much before looking into it further. I have many tattoos, some of which are on my hand which I know would cause many to assume I myself am a scumbag or maybe even more likely to commit a crime. That, however, all went right out the goddamn window when I say this tweet today.

Either someone framing this guy chose the absolute perfect target, or this dude just absolutely loves hammering on people with machetes. There is no in-between, the grey area in this particular machete attack case simply does not exist. Even throwing all preconceived notions about face tattoos in general out the window, it is tough to side with machete guy here. Do you know how much you have to love machetes to tattoo one on your face? Especially when it is your only face tattoo? Feels like a lot.

Diving deeper into the story I discovered the man allegedly swung the flat side of the machete at the victim, which I feel is a seasoned machete user move. Give me a machete to defend myself and I'm going blades out immediately, no chance I think to use the flat end to shatter someone's arm.

I am not saying the victim is totally right here though. According to the article, the victim wanted to get into the machete man's house. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 11.13.48 AM.png

Buddy, I do not care what is in that house, if you encounter an (alleged) machete yielding man with a machete face tattoo, just go home. There is likely nothing good going to arise from this.