I Would No Longer Like to be your General Manager, Detroit Pistons

That's right. I am officially removing my name from the list of candidates for the Detroit Pistons GM job. There are some nasty rumors going around that this is due to them deciding to hire Troy Weaver behind my back. I would like to take this time and space to categorically deny these lies.

For the unaware, I threw my name into the ring with the piece below: 

I was happy that Pistons owner Tom Gores reached out to me after I tweeted him several times to reach out to me. We had lunch a couple of times and I explained my plan for the team: I wanted us to win more games than we would lose. I thought Tom understood my vision. Detroit decided to go in a different direction and I respect that. What I don't respect is Gores not even giving me a call himself to break the news. We all know the worst part after a job interview is the waiting game. Whether the answer is yes or no, you want to hear something so you can begin to plan your next move. After weeks of waiting and another man literally being hired for the job of my dreams, I have decided to move on. Maybe Troy Weaver has been to Detroit, maybe he hasn't. Maybe he's had Detroit's finest Sada Baby on his basketball-ish podcast and maybe he hasn't. Again, I'm not in the speculation business. 

BUT IF I WAS, I would say that I'm clearly being blackballed here for my participation in the Malice at the Palace. Now hear this: I defended my teammates and I would do it again. If you don't want me to put you in the Steiner Recliner, don't throw beer at my teammates. I will always come to my teammates' defense with the use of wrestling finishing moves from the 1990s. That is my promise. Did Scott Rochelle have something to do with this? Again, I'm not much for reckless conjecture but the answer feels to be a resounding YES. On the bright side, the ringing endorsements for Troy Weaver are already coming in:

Good luck, Detroit. No hard feelings.