Wake Up With A Behind The Scenes Look At The 7 Seconds Or Less Phoenix Suns

Looking back in NBA history, the 7 Second Or Less Suns have to be one of the best teams to never win a title. Before the Warriors became a thing, it was the Suns that made you stay up late to watch the second TNT game because they were absolutely must watch stuff. That run from 2004 to 2008 they basically were a lock for mid 50s to 60 wins a year. Steve Nash was an MVP, young Amare looked like one of the most unstoppable forces in the league, Shawn Marion did it all, Joe Johnson, Q Rich, Barbosa, those teams were fucking STACKED.

That's why unless you're a Spurs fan, you agree that it was some bullshit David Stern boned them out of a title. Their style was so much fun to watch at the time and I think that gets lost a little bit because now everyone basically plays how they did. But that was certainly not the case back in the early 2000s. D'Antoni went 389-253 during the regular season with this approach, but just 26-25 in the playoffs. 

I remember one of the cool parts about being at ASU during their run was I got to see them play basically every night. It wasn't even that hard to get a ticket to go see them in person back then either. Well I had never seen this behind the scenes footage before and highly recommend it, even if you aren't a Suns fan.