Wake Up With Buck Showalter Ejecting Angel Hernandez From A Game

That's my manager! Love how Buck attacked Angel Hernandez for absolutely butchering the call. Did Chris Davis swing and miss it? Yes, absolutely. Angel messed up the call in the first place, which is par for the course. He called it a tipped ball and called the play dead. Davis went back to the box before John Gibbons did his slow jaunt out to have a chat, he talked to Hernandez and they decided to have an umps meeting. Buck probably knew if they were gonna call Chris out that he was gonna get ejected. They reversed the call, which was the right call, but how on earth does an umpire 100 feet away make the call and let Hernandez know. THE GUY IS 5 INCHES FROM THE PLAY. Again, Hernandez ended up making the right call, but it shouldn't have been missed in the first place. He let Buck have his peace before giving him a weak ejection. Buck then decided to throw out all of the umps, since they screwed up so bad. Gotta protect your guys. This is just your weekly reminder that Angel Hernandez sucksssssss.