Sucks to Be U: Gus Duggerton, Tennessee, Set to Face Miami in Return to BCS Title Game

After Week 4 in the 2018 college football season, nobody thought this was possible. With a record of 2-2, most folks hopped off the Gus Duggerton bandwagon and some even wanted him fired. 

Yet, here we are. The Tennessee Volunteers are in the midst of a nine-game winning streak, and after taking down quality opponent after quality opponent, the team out of Knoxville has another shot on the biggest stage of them all: The BCS National Championship.

Tonight, it's No. 1 Tennessee and No. 2 Miami at 9:17 PM ET from the Fiesta Bowl in Glendale, AZ. A pair of teams that have climbed the college football mountain before, but this evening, only one will reach the top once again.

It is no secret what Coach Duggs' game plan has been to get back to this spot. Tennessee's run game has absolutely carried the Vols back to the BCS Title Game. The combination of a healthy Rico Burgerton and an impressive Jazz Owens has made the job much easier for America's Coach this year. 

But the Hurricanes have an incredible defense and will try to do everything they can to stop this 1-2 punch. Will they force Tennessee QB Stefon Cheah to throw more often than he is used to? Will they pressure him enough to bring out the turnover chain?

All of those answers will come in just a matter of hours. Gus Duggerton started this journey in Toledo, OH back in late March. Nearly three months later, he finds himself with another golden opportunity to hoist the crystal ball. 24 minutes stands in between him and eternal glory. 

Can he and the Volunteers get the job done? Fiesta Bowl officials are expecting a record crowd on hand, more than 100,000 to be exact. We hope you can join us. See you in the chat.