Drone Footage of Great White Sharks Feasting on a Dead Dolphin is Both Disgusting and Strangely Compelling

YouTube - A group of Great White sharks off the coast of California eat a dead dolphin just yards away from swimmers. I don't know who the folks on the boat are, but they got a first row seat to the show. A rare sight, and certainly one of the most unique things I've seen just off the shore. This is 1080 highly compressed. The original is in 4K. 

If you're conditioned like most of us who've grown up in the last 100 years to think of nature as a beautiful thing, a Disney-like reality of anthropomorphic animals with human eyes and speech and feelings who'll come out of the enchanted forest to nuzzle up against you and string garlands of flowers in your hands, then behold. This is nature as it truly is. With no filter. Brutal. Savage.Uncaring about anything except the basest primal instincts. It's the major reason why we all watch Shark Week. Those oceanographers can blather on all the want about how they're trying to learn all the can about these misunderstood creatures. But we all know the truth is that it's just cool to watch them fuck seals up.

Dolphins might be the Golden Retriever of the ocean to me and you. Friendly and intelligent and helpful. We love them and they love us back. But once they lose the ability to defend themselves - like say, by dying - they're just floating sausages to the rest of the ecosystem. On level, it bothers me to watch this. But that's just species-ism. That's me looking at the world from my own pro-mammal biases. The dolphin might be the hero of their own story. Or ours. But to the tuna, they're the monster.  And these Great Whites are merely the bigger, meaner bully on the aquatic playground giving this warm-blooded cetacean bastard the payback he so richly deserves. While at the same time cleaning the playground up. 

Carcharodon carcharius. A miracle of evolution. A perfect engine. An eating machine. The world is a nasty place, indeed.