Kid Finds Out Broncos Linebacker Alexander Johnson Is His Neighbor, Johnson Invites Him Over to Help Train

This kid was shocked to find out Denver Broncos linebacker Alexander Johnson was his neighbor. I bet he was even more shocked when Johnson invited him over to help him get ready for the upcoming season.

This kind of stuff is so cool to see because I think a lot of people, just like that kid, forget these athletes have neighbors and lives just like everybody else. That kid probably had the time of his life helping Johnson get ready for training camp.

Johnson was signed by the Broncos in 2018 after being acquitted of rape charges stemming from a three-year case and trial from his time at the University of Tennessee. Obviously that's something which deserves more discussion than I can give it right here, so I'd encourage everybody to look into that story and make your own determination. But I think it's pretty remarkable that Johnson was able to come back from something like that after that length of time and still make his way to the NFL.

He appeared in just one game in 2018, but had a breakout season last year, totaling 93 tackles and five tackles for loss. Hopefully his training with this little man pays off and he has an even better season in 2020.