Chris "Mad Dog" Russo Doesn't Think Bryce Harper Should Be Allowed To Stand Up For The Players Because He "Stunk" Last Year

Yesterday as part of the players' movement to get the baseball season going, tons of big names turned to social media to say "Tell Us When and Where?" Included in that group was Phillies superstar Bryce Harper. 

Chris "Mad Dog" Russo didn't care for that one bit. Now I'm not totally caught up with his thoughts on the current fight between players and owners, but based on this rant below I have a feeling he's very pro-owner. Mad Dog doesn't think Harper should be tweeting along with the rest of the players because he "stunk" last year. I truly don't understand any part of this rant, but hear for yourself.

Ummm interesting take there Chris, considering Harper had 35 bombs, 114 RBIs with a 125 OPS+ and 4.3 bWAR in 2019. Dude also led all RF in outfield assists. That's a guy who stunk? So what if he hit .260? So what if he didn't make the fan-voted All Star team? I think most teams would kill for production like that while also bringing in fans like he does with just his name alone. 

You're going to tell me those numbers stink and because of that he shouldn't be using his very popular platform to stand up to the owners right now? What are we even talking about here? Harper is one of the most followed players in the game and has one of those names that pretty much everyone knows inside or outside of baseball. When he speaks up, that message travels. Mad Dog thinks he should stay hidden and just shut up because he didn't win the MVP last year and break Barry Bonds' record. I love Mad Dog and I grew up hearing him scream with Francesa on the FAN, but gimme a break man. This is the wrong hill to die on.

Update: Yelich went for the head

Anyways, there should be more of these shirts coming out very soon with different versions of each team so stay tuned!


P.S. Harper's walk off grand slam last year was easily one of the coolest moments of the entire season. Too bad he stinks though so we should erase that from our memories I guess.