Soccer Legend Dani Alves Went On A Rant Defending Premature Ejaculation, May Now Be Viewed As A World Hero

[Source] - Alves spoke to say he didn't understand why men are expected to have sex for "two hours" and believes that quick ejaculation shows how "desirable" your partner is.

The 37-year-old said: "When you are in love with a person, why should I wait so long, let it flow.

"I defend men that have a quick ejaculation if the other person is so desirable."

You hear that sound? That's the sound of every male across the world applauding and giving a little Tiger fist pump (without too much hip thrusting) after this random rant. He's doing this not just for himself, but for teammates, for friends, for me and you. For every guy that has and will suffer from a premature ejaculation. No more need to apologize, no more need to say you're sorry. Just pull up this interview. 

I can't get enough of his quote 'why should I wait so long, let it flow.' Let it flow might be my favorite description of blowing a load now and it's all in love! It's a compliment! I would love to see someone's reaction when a guy pulls out these lines. 'You were so desirable. I'm just in love with you so I couldn't wait and had to let it flow.' 

And hey, remember, this is a guy who had to propose three times to his wife, who happens to me a Spanish supermodel. 


If Dani Alves, an absolute legend in soccer, says premature ejaculation is a compliment and not a thing anymore I have no choice but to believe the same. 

And sex for two hours? Who the hell is asking sex for two hours? No girl wants to see a guy naked for two hours. That's too much work. Well unless you're Pam Anderson and her soccer ex-boyfriend. Big day for soccer players and sex lives. Big day for it. Can't wait for sports to come back. 

12 times a night and premature ejaculation. Somewhere in the middle is the sweet spot.