The Funniest Part Of This Whole Kyrie Saga Is Him Leaving The Nets Group Text Because Someone Is Snitching To The Media

I'll confess I'm addicted to Kyrie Irving. I loved watching Celtics fans turn on him. I love watching him create chaos like it's nothing. It's hilarious to guess what crazy ass idea he's going to come up with next. Part of me feels like he's just fucking with everyone because he enjoys the chaos. Trill may have put it perfectly

That's exactly what he was doing. He put out some fake information or at the minimum some extended truths. He was half serious about starting their own league but never said it in reference to skipping the bubble. The fact that it was leaked almost immediately to the media lets him know it was from that group text. Again, we go to Trill's twitter for a suspect

But the fact he just straight up left a group text is so goddamn funny. It's so petty, it's so stupid and it's so perfect. I actually don't mind group texts, sure they can get annoying at times, but it's easier than hopping on a call or some shit like the old days. You want to share something with a bunch of college friends, by all means I'm listening. What I need to know though is if he left and then hit mute, did someone try to recruit him back in? 

We've gone from Kendrick Perkins telling Kyrie to retire, reports of players starting their own league and now Kyrie leaving a group text. It's perfect. He's Littlefinger. He knows that chaos is a ladder. He knows how to find a leak and he'll hold that grudge and probably create even more stories within the Nets. As a person who doesn't like the Nets and writes about NBA drama for a living, I'm all for this. 

Can't wait for the next 100% story coming: Kyrie unfollows the Nets on social media.