Song Of The Summer: Man Drops The Sickest Beat On The Car Horn

That, my friends, is a fucking jam. An absolute banger, if you will. A car horn has no business going that hard but it's impossible to not shake your ass to that beat. 

I've long said that there need to be 2 separate horns in every car. An aggressive setting and a friendlier setting that's just there to say "hey, pal. I know you were checking out your phone at the red light. We've all done it before. But it changed to green about 13 seconds ago and I'd really love to get going here". Because for people like myself, I'll never actually lay on the horn. There are just too many psychopaths out there in the world and you never know if you'll set someone off who has just been looking for a reason to break out the 9-iron in their trunk and try to kill you all over a horn. Does that make me a pussy? For sure. But I'd rather be a bitch than getting attacked by some ill-adjusted maniac who wants to cave my skull in because I accidentally pushed too hard on the car horn. 


But now I think there needs to be a 3rd setting added to the mix here. One specifically designed to let you produce some total bops like this one right here. Clearly this man is a musical prodigy and doesn't need a special horn to create magic. But imagine how much better being stuck in traffic would be if you could get a full blown music festival going to pass the time. Just something to think about. 

Either way, I'm calling it now. This is the song of the summer.