Feitelberg Has Had A Full Blown Quarter Life Crisis Breakdown - KFC Radio Episode 112

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Yesterday we fired up KFC Radio fully expecting the usual shenanigans. Rip through some voicemails about farting and jerking off, have some laughs and call it a day. But what ended up transpiring will go down in KFC Radio history. Some special occurred. It turned into a therapy session for your boy Feitelberg who’s going through a classic 26-27 year old crisis. I went through the same thing back in 2012. I feel like every dude does. Has nothing to do with whether you’re a blogger or a cube monkey or whatever. When you hit that age you realize the college/post college free for all is over and you’re just kinda staring down the barrel of the rest of your life as you get fatter and dumber. Its a pretty daunting moment when you realize you dont really have any discernible skills and your future is pretty dim. Its why there’s a thing called the 27 Club where all those people killed themsevles at the same age. That probably also had a lot to do with copious amounts of drugs, but I really feel like that age is when  you really do some looking in the mirror and you come to realize you’re just pretty goddam mediocre.

So as the elder statesmen that we are, Big Cat and myself have gone through this. We’ve now come out on the other side at 30 having given up on life. As soon as you stop worrying about being successful and cool and healthy and all that other shit, its really quite liberating. Right now Feits is struggling and wants to persevere and over come. But the sooner he embraces mediocrity and stops swimming up stream, he’ll be fine. The rest of you 20 somethings listening will probably get depressed as fuck by this episode but its good advice for you too:

The sooner you give up on life, the more enjoyable it is.

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