The Fact That The Masters Doesn't Have Wall-To-Wall TV Coverage Is The Stupidest Thing In Sports

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Alright so I’ve been bitching about this for the last two days on Twitter but it’s so stupid that it needs to be blogged.  Why the fuck isn’t there wall-to-wall TV coverage of the Masters?  No, this isn’t my first time watching the Masters.  Yes, I know this is how it’s been for awhile and I complain about it every year.  Whenever the reason for not changing something is, “Well that’s how we’ve always done it” that means there isn’t a reason.  Being afraid of change isn’t a reason.  Why does TV coverage start at 3 pm eastern time for the most important golf tournament of the year?  And don’t you dare tell me it’s because the morons running the place like the exclusiveness and they approach it with a “less is more” mind set.  I know that’s the reason.  It’s put quite nicely in this article here.  The reason is, “We limit the coverage because we can.”  That’s quite possibly the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.  It’s 2015, you stupid old white fucks.  It’s all more more more now.  The audience is there.  You know it is.  People take off work on Friday so they can drink all day and watch the Masters.  People want to watch the Masters all day every day when it’s that time of year.  You just like having control over who gets to see what and when at your white privilege golf course.


Today is a perfect example of how they’re royally screwing this whole thing up.  Jordan Spieth is making a historic run at the green jacket.  He’s on fire.  Torching Augusta.  At the time I’m writing this he’s -11 for the tournament (-3 on the day) with 9 holes left to play on Friday.  Whooping on the competition.  Everybody wants to see him.  EVERYBODY.  His tee time was 9:57am this morning and TV coverage doesn’t start for another 5 hours after that. Huh?  He’s gonna finish before coverage even starts.  Spieth’s group wasn’t even one of the featured groups on the internet live streams until 2 hours into his round (link to live stream). Am I taking crazy pills?  Tell me how that’s good for the game of golf.  I’m listening.  But the problem is Augusta doesn’t care about the game.  All they care about is themselves.  You have the world’s hottest golfer on the planet playing out of his mind at the biggest tournament of the year and all we get is tweet updates and shot trackers.  It’s RIDICULOUS.  Ridiculousness that’s compounded when you realize the reason is simply, “Because that’s the way we want it.”  Get fucked.  We’ve got a bunch of old geezers calling the shots in 2015 when they’re more likely to shit in their adult diapers than know how to turn on an iPad.  Put them out to pasture already so we can actually watch the Masters.  ALL of the Masters.



PS- Seriously, how many of these old white dudes at Augusta have to die off before I get all the coverage I want?  Just give me a ballpark figure.