West Point Graduate Stunningly Doesn’t Know Anything About DDay

If you had told me last week that my co-host and good pal Captain Cons didn't know basic Army trivia I'd have told you to shut your dirty mouth. Of course he knows basic Army trivia! He went to West Point, ever heard of it?! The entire school is specifically built to teach young men and women about the US Army. So when Cons missed a softball question (it was $400 on the actual episode of Jeopardy) I was devastated. I just hate to see my good pal embarrass himself so publicly. 

In addition, as the last remaining member of Zero Blog Thirty with integrity I also must inform you that Kate has no integrity and also thought jet airplanes existed in World War I. I can hear you all now, "Chaps, you stupid fuck, there's no way any of this is true, you're just trying to get us to watch the video!" I would never mislead my baby girls for cheap clicks, see for yourselves.