What Player Is Most Likely To Call The Anonymous Hotline The NBA Created And Snitch On Someone Breaking Protocols In Orlando?

And just like that we have our THIS LEAGUE moment. It was only a matter of time for something like this to come out that wasn't directly related to Kyrie Irving and now we have an anonymous hotline to report potential violations of protocols in Orlando. Imagine, and I mean just imagine, if this is a game 7 and a star like James Harden got suspended because he had to hit up the strip club. 

This is just exactly what I want though. I know how much someone snitching will tear Twitter apart and all the jokes will get off. It's so goddamn petty and I've honestly thought about how much I need someone to call and then Shams breaks who called. I've said it before that this whole thing is just bizarre in terms of playing in Orlando and the season in general. Why not add this wrinkle to it? 

Right off the bat it's a no-brainer who is going to call. I know you might think it's LeBron, easy target. But the clear option is none other than the NBA Players Association President. 

The man has snitched on people before ... and it worked! Chris Paul will be looking for literally one toe outside the bubble. One extra person coming inside the bubble? Not on his watch, no sir. He's going to have that phone number on speed dial, no doubt about it. And you know what? That's why he's crafty. Sure he's a hell of a point guard. I could watch the dude play point guard my entire life. But he's also punched Julius Hodge in the nuts, he's known for being a little dirty and would 100% snitch (again). 

Let's check in on some other possible answers: 

Who you got?