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Japanese Dude Says He's Paid For Sex With Over 12,000 Women

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Tokyo (CNN) – A former school principal in Japan says he paid for sex with more than 12,000 women — some of them girls as young as 14 — during repeated visits to the Philippines over more than a quarter of a century, according to police. Now, at the age of 64, he’s facing criminal charges.  Takashima, who comes from the city of Yokohama, told police that he began paying for sex with women in 1988 when he went to work at a Japanese school in Manila. He said that stepping outside of moral codes relieved the heavy pressure he felt at work, according to police. Takashima told police that he continued to pay for sex because it was so cheap. After the end of his three-year stint at the school in Manila, he frequently returned to the Philippines on vacations in order to buy sex.

Hey Feitelberg you reading this? Yuhei Takashima has the answer for you. You got heavy pressures at work? You feeling stressed about life in general? Why dont you just fuck 12,000 hookers? I dunno about the 14 year olds. Or the 70 year olds for that matter. I’d probably try to keep my range from like 18-30. But other than that this seems like a pretty fucking great plan to be happy and stress free. I promise you fucking 12,000 chicks is a pretty foolproof plan to be happy. Depending on prices it might be a foolproof plan to end up broke too, but who cares? Spending money on shit thats worth it is well…worth it. I mean think about all the other happiness you try to buy. You buy yourself nice clothes. You pay for fancy vacations. Maybe buy yourself a nice car or some other luxuries. Meanwhile the one thing that brings you true happiness – getting laid – people refuse to pay for it. They’d voluntarily struggle and fail to have sex all because of some taboo rules. Fuck that. We spend money on every other source of happiness, why not spend your hard earned paycheck on what will bring you the most happiness – pussy.

So yea it sounds like this dude is probably going to jail on some sex trafficking charges but the underlying message here is what we should be focusing on. Guy has been paying for pussy since 1988 and is probably as happy as can be. 30 Years A John. We should all be more like Yuhei Takashima.

Again not the 14 year olds or 70 year olds though. Dont be like Yuhei Takashima when it comes to that.