Wake Up With Joe Rogan And OG Boston Comic Steve Sweeney Talking About Even More Boston Fight Stories

I'm such a sucker for anything Massachusetts, so when Jerry blogged about Boston fight stories the other day I was all over it. Something about envisioning the mayhem combined with the accents just kills me. I tweeted the blog out and someone (h/t @EdmondMP) responded with this video so I wanted to share it with you guys. It's Joe and Steve Sweeney, an OG Boston comic who doesn't get nearly as much love as he deserves, talking about Boston fights. It's so good I almost labeled it a must watch. 

Here's what Joe said about Boston, "It's cold for too much, the men are assholes, the women are assholes, everybody is ready to fight and everybody is drunk." Seems pretty spot on if you ask me. Have a great Wednesday.