NBA Players Are Choosing A Select Group Of Barbers For The Disney Bubble

So this whole NBA Disney bubble ordeal is absolutely bananas. Imagine trying to explain this a year ago? It simply would not have computer in the slightest. Today, a ton of more details came out, headlined by where the teams are staying based on seeding. The most important detail I pulled away personally, however, was this one.

Is there any higher honor as a barber than being one of the few barbers chosen for this occasion? I honestly cannot think of one. There are not many jobs in the world where the absolute best can just be summoned out of their reality to appease the most powerful among us (NBA players in this case), but apparently barbers are now in that category.

It is obviously not ideal to be separated from your family and everyone you love for months just to be trapped in a Disney bubble, but you have to say yes to this opportunity, right? What an absolute flex this would be. 

I can only hope this elite class of hair and nail technicians are more forward facing than they would usually be because I am absolutely FASCINATED by this. Can we bring back mid-game hair braiding? This is one of the greatest pictures of all time and I want more.