See You in Atlanta: Tennessee Welcomes Back Burgerton, Utilizes Stellar Defense in 28-14 Win Over Kentucky

They say offense wins game, defense wins championships.

But this afternoon, Coach Gus Duggerton and the Tennessee Volunteers got a healthy dose from both sides of the ball to win the game over Kentucky and earn his spot in the SEC Title Game.

Tennessee 28, Kentucky 14 was your final from Neyland Stadium today, and it was an appropriate sendoff for the Class of 2018. Luckily, today also marked the return of star RB Rico Burgerton, who missed the last five weeks with an injury.

As great as it was to see the former Heisman candidate return to the gridiron, his comeback was overshadowed by a stellar performance by Tennessee QB Stefon Cheah. 

After the game went final, it was on to simulating the bye week for Tennessee (10-2, 7-1). We found out who Coach Duggs would be facing tonight in the SEC Title Game, and let's just say it is quite the familiar foe.

Not only does America's Coach have his hands full with his friend and Pardon My Take recurring guest on the opposite sideline, but there is a HEAVY traffic jam towards the top of the BCS Standings with one week to go.

There are still so many dominoes that need to fall, but we do know one thing. There is only one spot left in the Natty to face Navy.

Will a Tennessee win over No. 6 LSU be enough for that? Will NC State or Ohio State spoil the season?

All of those answers come tonight (around the 9:30-10 PM range). We will see you then.