Here's A 65-Foot Belly Flop Where The Sound Upon Impact Will Make Your Skin Crawl


Metro- Either Tom Daley has lost his touch, or some fool has just invented a new craze called ‘belly-stoning.’ The gentleman in the video perfectly demonstrates ‘belly-stoning’ (a play on the term ‘tomb-stoning’, which is basically just jumping of dangerous cliffs into water), by landing flat on his face from 65ft jump. His friend shouts ‘oh my God,’ while others gasp as he hits the water with a painful sounding slap after jumping of the harbour wall in Plymouth, Devon. Coastguards have issued a warning against the new craze and pointed out that a thrill seeker was paralysed was paralysed in this same spot earlier this year doing a similar stunt.


Dead.  He has to be dead.  Biggest belly flop ever or biggest belly flop ever?  65 feet!  What kind go raging lunatic even thinks about doing that?  Since the video didn’t show him safely swimming to shore and presenting his red stomach then I’m assuming his dead.  How could he not be?  He had to break every single internal organ on impact.  He had to.  Gonna be hard to forget the sound it made when he hit the water.  The loudest belly flop smack you’ve ever heard.  I’m actually impressed by the guy’s testicle fortitude.  Simply belly flopping from off the side of a pool is terrifying.  Doing it off a low diving board is borderline insane.  But then this guy comes busting through the door jumping off 65 foot cliffs and putting everybody to shame.  He committed.  Most people (myself included) puss out at the last second and curl up into a ball.  Not him.  He plays the game the right way.  Agan, too bad he’s most likely dead.  RIP.  What a way to go out.  Giving zero fucks like a boss.