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Charlie Strong Didn't Know His Quarterback's Name During Awesome Legal Testimony

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Full Deposition

So this is the sworn testimony of Charlie Strong during a lawsuit between Oklahoma State and O Line coach Joe Wickline, and it’s a treasure trove of Charlie Strong gems. Not knowing his QB’s name. Not knowing his zip code. Talking about his Core Values. Talking about how awful the Arkansas bowl game was. Good Bull Hunting read the whole thing and has some good highlights, but these are my two favorites. Charlie Strong completely forgetting his quarterback’s name during a senior moment,:

Q. Who are your current quarterback on your — on your team right now?
A. Swoops.

Q. What’s his — what’s his first name?
A. He goes by Swoops. Jarrod Heard. What’s my man’s first name? I — done went blank on me.

Q. That happens to me. I call them senior moments. We’re getting up there.
A. I know it.

Q. I didn’t look, but is Ty —
A. Tyrone Swoops.

Q. All right.

And this one, where he REFUSES to be flattered:

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Texas Football: The Elite of the Elitest. I smell a t-shirt.