Mayor In Trouble Because He Spent The Taxpayers Money To Build A Giant Robot Statue

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Metro- ‘What robot is more handsome?’ asked Mayor Melih Gökçek as he unveiled a 20-foot-tall Transformer this month. While the robot in the city of Ankara is undeniably a beauty, some taxpayers are furious about what they see as an enormous waste of public money. They’re clearly not Transformers fans. After controversy blew up in local media, Mayor Gökçek simply replied, ‘Respect the robot.’ Gökçek is now being sued by the Turkish Union of Engineers and Architects’ Chambers, who describe the robot (used to promote a new local amusement park) as a ‘monstrosity’. ‘The money spent for the robot statues, which will be built for the Ankapark project and were referred to by Gökçek as his “prestige project,” belongs to the inhabitants [of the city]. We filed a lawsuit,’ saidTezcan Karaku? Canda of the Turkish Union of Engineers and Architects’ Chambers.




Oh I’m sorry, did you not elect this mayor?  You did (just assuming that wherever this is it’s a democracy, prob not the case)?  Well then you have to put up with whatever he wants.  If he wants to build a giant robot statue in them middle of town using taxpayers money then he has the right to do so.  You don’t like it?  You run for office, tear the statue down and run things the way you want to.  That’s how democracy works.  One guy gets elected, nobody likes him, another guy gets elected, nobody likes him, another guy gets elected, and round and round we go!  Sometimes some of those elected men want to erect robot statues.  Honestly, what’s the point of being an elected official if you can’t build giant robots with other people’s money?  There is no point otherwise. Being a politician would suck.  Your entire life gets put into the public eye and at least 50% of the people are gonna hate you from the jump.  So what do you do to combat that hatred?  You build some mother fucking robots.


PS- The mayor’s response when he heard that people were pissed about his robot?


Mayor Gökçek simply replied, ‘Respect the robot.’