Nothing But Respect To Bryant Basketball For Offering ONE HUNDRED THIRTY SIX (136!!!) Scholarships On The First Day They Were Allowed To Recruit

[Source] - “My philosophy is that if one of those guys who are all my level, if not higher, want to commit to me today, I will take a commitment from one of them right now,” Grasso said by phone.

“And I’m comfortable knowing if I can have my hands on them for the next two years and instill the discipline and work ethic and the things they need to be successful at the college level, I’ll have a better chance of them being prepared to play college basketball than a kid committing to me in July of his senior year."

And just like that Bryant is one of my favorite programs in the country. Going with the complete definition of shooters shoot. 136 scholarships! Not even just 136 scholarships, but offering them all on the first day you're allowed to. That's simply amazing. We're talking basketball. You guys may not be aware, but you can't have 136 players on a team. You certainly can't have 136 people on scholarship. 

I love that they are the only school to do this too. It's like they heard the cover band singer announce it was last call, there were two songs left and they are starting to hit Closing Time. You know that feeling. You have to close at that time. You have a few minutes left to go home with someone. You start looking around and trying to make eye contact. That's what this is just with scholarship offers. 

This is especially true considering Bryant is much like us average guys. They aren't a known program. They don't have a lot to offer. They aren't winning the Northeast Conference year after year. Hell they just became a Division I program in 2008. Even if I think Jared Grasso is a good coach and can get something there, you hear Bryant and most people are confused to what I'm talking about. 

This is my favorite thing with recruiting. You have stories like this or a top recruit Skyy Clark listing schools that contacted him: 

Oh sure, Holy Cross. Absolutely. I love their chances to land Skyy Clark here. I want to know how that conversation went. 

Recruiting will never stop being weird. There are always hilarious stories and commitments. You have coaches reaching out to parents of 16 and 17 year olds at 5am to try and get them to play at their college. It makes no goddamn sense but you check one message board and people lose their shit over it.