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Recommended: The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony (Live At Glastonbury 2008)

The Verve's legendary 90s anthem 'Bittersweet Symphony' turns 23 today, so I figured I'd show ya's this phenomenal performance from Glastonbury 2008 here on 'Recommended:'! It just doesn't get better than Glasto with all of the flags waving and girls on shoulders and all that nonsense - shit is simply the best.

I'd also recommend watching this more recent version of the song from a Richard Ashcroft solo set at the Neighbourhood Weekender Festival! He's got a little more rasp and gravel to his voice nowadays, but no less passion on that stage....

I'll give ya one more fun fact before I get outta here - the classic Oasis tune 'Cast No Shadow' was written about Verve frontman Richard Ashcroft. 

In Noel Gallagher's own words....

It was inspired by Richard (Ashcroft) from The Verve, he wasn’t very happy for a while so I wrote it for him and about three weeks later he quit the band. It’s about songwriters in general who are desperately trying to say something. I played him the song, and he nearly started crying. I was like, ‘Come on, hold yourself together, son! Easy now.’ In a way, it’s about all my friends who are in groups. We are bound with the weight of all the words we have to say. We’re always looking for more.