Flushing The Toilet Is Officially Cancelled

SkyNews - Flushing the toilet can create an aerosol cloud of coronavirus droplets more than a metre high which can be inhaled by others, spreading the infection, new research warns.

Physicists specialising in fluid dynamics are warning about the transmission method following studies which found coronavirus particles surviving in the faeces of the infected.

According to the researchers, flushing things down the loo doesn't necessarily mean that they are simply leaving the premises. Instead the enormous turbulence caused by flushing water can spread bacteria and viruses, although the public appears to be largely unaware of this infection pathway.

Have you flushed a toilet at all during the past 3 months? Well congrats on helping the spread of the big Rona. Hope you're happy with yourself, dickhead. Because if you actually cared and wanted this pandemic to be over as soon as possible, you'd have a toilet full of piss and shit right now. You flush that bad boy and you don't even know how big the consequences could be. 

That's why I say better safe than sorry and am having an outhouse built for my apartment. Time to piss and shit in the great outdoors like our forefathers. George Washington wasn't flushing his shit and he beat the shit out of the Red Coats. At the very least, just fill your toilet up with ice like they do at bars. It's the least you can do to help put an end to the spread. Either way, flushing in CANCELLED.