I Do Not Want To Be A CEO

Contrary to the popular belief among many on this website and beyond, I am not a female. So, when Erika decided to spend today's episode talking about underrepresentation of female leadership, I was certainly a bit pickled on how exactly I should blog about the episode. I think I found my solution. 

I like to think I have lofty, but still relatively realistic, goals. Back when I was a teacher I had aspirations to become a principal and maybe even one day a superintendent. Since I changed fields and jobs, I have gone from an associate editor, to editor, to specialist, so I like to think I'm doing a decent job in this area too. However, I think this is where my ambition ends.

It seems every day more people get cancelled, resign or are forced out, or step down for a variety of reasons as more companies plummet into irrelevance, bankruptcy or both. Mind you, these are things that were likely going to happen anyway but sometimes was simply expedited based on Coronavirus. Rather than taking this and trying to look at it from a larger, critical perspective, I have done what I always do and made it about myself.

I have officially decided that I never want to be a CEO. Are you a Fortune 500 company reading this that was previously going to extend an offer? Don't bother. Not interested. It simply does not seem enjoyable. Not only do they get the entire blame when a company falters or completely goes to shit, they also step down or lose their jobs as a result.

Somehow, someway, through a circuitous route of nonsense and happenstance I have entered an area where enough people pay attention to what I am doing to serve my narcissistic self, but not enough that I fear if I step out of line or miss the mark on something the world will come crashing down around me. What a place to be in.

Will cancel culture come for me eventually? I'm sure of it. I spend entirely too much of my time on the internet trying to get people riled up and one day that will end once and for all. Until then? I'm enjoying it.

To listen to today's Token CEO episode which discusses the cancellation and resignation of female CEOs recently, head on over here: