Vince Carter Used To Call His UNC Teammates Into His Room Just To Show Them His Own Dunking Highlights

[The Athletic] - Okulaja: I come in the first day in the dorm, and he’s like, come in, come in, I’ve gotta show you something. I’m like, OK, cool. I’m thinking he’s gonna show me something — and he shows me his own highlight. I’m like, Uh, OK! I mean, it was an unbelievable highlight.

I have a weird fan relationship with Vince Carter. Obviously I fucking hate UNC. But Vince is just so goddamn cool I almost forget he went there. He's also been in the NBA for roughly 45 years that it's easy to forget his college career. But this? This makes me love him even more. Calling his own teammates into his room just to show him his dunk highlights is so damn cocky. 

The dunk at the 45 second mark is my favorite. But look at this package! This is high school Vince Carter. How do you guard that?!? You're a 16-year old trying to stay in front of Vince Carter and prevent him from jumping over you like you're Frederic Weis. Not only that but he fucking knows it too. He knew how awesome and cool he was. 

The best part is his teammates didn't even fucking care. They wanted to watch the highlight. 99% of people would be like yeah dude whatever, I don't want to watch your highlights. We get it. You're good. But Vince was always different. His dunks were iconic. 

Not only that but you may have had a better chance to block Vince at the rim than getting him off the dance floor: 

Jamison: If we ever got separated, like where’s Vince at? You just walk to the middle of the dance floor; there he go right there. He closed down every party.

Okulaja: The DJ’s worst nightmare, because he’d never get off the floor. If the DJ wants to go home, it’s like, nah, one more, one more.

Jamison: I remember one time he was hurt, and I was like, oh, you going out with us? Yeah, I’ll go out. I’m talking limping. I said, Vince. Nah, we can go out! As soon as the music starts playing, I’m like, man, I thought yo ass was hurt! Sitting there moving like ain’t nothing wrong with you. I’m gonna tell Coach when we get to practice (laughs). Just loved music.

Still can't get over how awesome this was to watch live. You truly missed a moment if you aren't old enough to remember this: 

And the obligatory: