I Like To Call Nathan MacKinnon "Stainless Steel" Because The Man Don't Rust

First of all, credit to me for absolutely annihilating that headline. Should I expect my Pulitzer Prize to come in the mail or how do these things work? 

But yeah, this is why I don't get why there's anybody in the world who is worried about the NHL resuming the season being anything less than normal playoff hockey. Even if there are some guys on the roster who need to shake a little bit of rust off in the first round, you're still going to have absolute machines like MacKinnon buzzing around out there even better than before the break. Iron sharpens iron and all that jazz, so Nate Dogg will have everybody he plays against back to a full go after approximately 4 shifts. 

Now speaking of iron sharpening iron, somebody is going to need to sharpen Geno's ax pretty soon if he doesn't swap out that concrete block for a stump.