Rate This BC Football Drake Themed Recruiting Letter

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College coaches these days:

Always take a risk when you go the pop culture route with recruiting. Want to get the attention of these 18 year old kids and put it in terms they can relate to, but at the same time not come off as a corny ass old man. Risk is especially high when you’re going with Drake too. Very polarizing artist. Send this mixtape themed letter to the wrong kid who grew up with Nas and Raekwon and doesn’t appreciate what Drake has turned the rap game into, you might lose him right then and there to your rival. Somebody who thinks rap should be about the everyday struggle of life in the streets and not growing up rich and half Jewish in Canada and singing about your relationship issues. Got to toe the line and I just hope for BC’s sake that Seth is a fan of runnin through Chestnut Hill with his woes.

PS – Still the best recruiting tactic of all time: