So mad that this Wrigley doesn't exist anymore. You can't build cupsnakes. Can't pop the top. Can't watch 2020 baseball or squeeze in a leak without taking 20 minutes to get there and back. Can't get a decent Chicago style dog except down the leftfield line. Can't smoke pipes like this old hound dog

And obviously most depressing is you can't park your hot air balloon on a rooftop in right center because you're blocked by the video boards. Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 10.47.46 AM.png

Of all the injustices around Wrigley Field it's always been the lack of hot air balloons #1, then selling off historically notable bars to build bowling alleys and high-yield mixed-use commercial real estate 2nd. That's the 1-2, right-left combination that wins you the gold gloves of ruining the neighborhood to me. 

And while on topic, Hot Air Balloons are fucking CRAZY to me. Like let's use this blowtorch to fill millions of cubic square feet of pressurized air to carry a whicker basket several thousand feet in the air? I mean there might honestly not be a bigger crowd of out of their mind assholes than the Hot Air Balloon Crowd (HABC). Power lines. Claustrophobia. Bad basket. Changing wind patterns. All of these are routine occurrences that could have major consequences, like death. 

Granted I'm sure the views are amazing but so is watching things on my computer in HD like Brandi Love and Dubai morning adventures.