KFC Is Such An Asshole

I remember when I was a 14-year-old punk kid, a couple of years before I had a car, late at night when all of my favorite fast-food restaurants were closed, I would try and get my favorite burger combo by riding my bike through the drive-thru. I would always, ALWAYS get turned away. 

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It, in my opinion, was age-ism and classism firmly at play. 

Total bullshit. 

But, it's not just punk kids without driver's licenses and drunk college students stumbling in the dark that are getting turned away at the drive-thru. 

According to a recent story in the Metro, Ian Bell, a 55-year-old BOSS of a man, rolled up to the KFC drive-thru window and was turned away. 

Why? Because he was rolling up not on a bike, but his fucking HORSE AND BUGGY. 

Ian said: ‘I had queued up behind some cars and was about to order a Bargain Bucket when all of a sudden this manager came out and said: “you’re not allowed through”.


And it wasn't like his horse, Jon Jon, was being raucous or dangerous either. 

"I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I’d done nothing wrong. Jon Jon was behaving himself, he was quiet as a lamb – he’s a very well-behaved horse."

People, this is the predecessor to the automobile. The muse for Henry Ford and Elon Musk. A means of transportation that will never go out of style. This should be the one exception made for the drive-thru. We're all looking for new ways to cut our emissions and go "green", and I do not think environmentalists like Ian should be penalized for it.  

Ian expressed a similar sentiment. 

"I think my treatment from KFC has been downright disgusting and discriminatory against people who use horse and carts. The horse and cart is a common way to get around where I’m from."

Don't fret though, not every fast-food chain is this much of an asshole. McDonald's, yes McDonald's, our bright, shiny beacon on a hill with amazing fries and nuggets, had a very different reaction to the horse and cart--- they didn't bat an eye, they served him his #2 Big Mac combo meal and let him gallop along on his merry way. 

Since then, Ian said he hasn’t tried taking the horse and cart through any other drive-throughs but added that "he is keen to see if Burger King will let him in".

So I'll be blunt -- KFC is being kind of a dick in this situation. And when it comes down to it, there's really no other way to put it. 

KFC is just hating for no reason.