Wake Up With James Harden Dropping 60 Points In 3 Quarters

We saw a lot of crazy shit pretty much every night since the Opening Night of the season, but for my money nothing was more insane than the time James Harden dropped 60 points in three quarters. Sure it was against the Hawks but whatever, last time I checked they're still an NBA franchise. On that night on November 30th we saw the Rockets drop 158 points in regulation and Harden's line was absolutely some rookie mode 2K shit

60/3/8/3 on 16-24 shooting (8-14 from deep) and 20-23 from the FT line in just 31 minutes. His 24 FGA were the lowest in NBA history of anyone that ever dropped 60. That doesn't even seem possible and I bet if he played the fourth quarter he would have flirted with like 75 or maybe even Kobe's 81. I know a lot of people hate Harden for how he plays, but you cannot hate on this performance. He did it all and he barely broke a sweat. Earlier in quarantine I called it the best individual performance of the season and I don't see how you could disagree. He dropped a ridiculously efficient 60 in just 31 minutes!!

Time will tell is this new skinny Harden can do the same shit, but if he can and then also never gets tired, that's great news for Houston.