A City Commission Candidate In Kentucky Smoked Some Weed During A Live Debate To Show How Much He Wants To Legalize It

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'Hey Tim, your response here?'

Tim with the greatest response ever

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(via KSR)

“I also own Kentucky Reefer. Let’s work together as a state and legalize something,” Childers said as he lit the weed pipe and took a hit. “Big money in that! A bunch of states doing it. I have the answers. Tim has the solutions, people.”

And now I'm moving to Frankfort to vote for Tim. But really this is the greatest response ever. Oh you say you want to legalize marijuana? Yeah, well I'll just smoke right here on this debate. Kelly May had no fucking response to that. 'I started two businesses.' Yeah, bro, no one cares. Everyone wants to vote for Tim now. Will Prible? Might as well drop out of the race with the stumbling over words there. 

He just put every candidate on notice. Hell, he needs to run for a bigger office. He's not going to just say it, he's about it. He's going to back up the talk. That's a guy I want in my corner. That's a guy I want leading the way. If he says something, he's going to do the damn thing. He's not just saying he wants to legalize marijuana, he's going to smoke it with you.

Print the goddamn posters

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PS: Honorary member of the MHOC? Feel like he might be a candidate.