Where Were You When Otto Rocket Landed The First Ever Super McVarial 900?

There are certain moments throughout history that have altered the course of humanity on a whole, for better or for worse. Moments so grand that the entire world can remember exactly where they were when it happened. People tell their kids about that day. They'll tell their grandchildren. Moments like the moon landing, moments like 9/11, and moments like the time JWoww and Snooki wrote that note to Sammi Sweetheart about seeing Ron making out with 2 girls and putting his head between a cocktail waitress's breasts. These are moments that the entire world was collectively tuning in as one, and they were moments that were bigger than all of the individuals who were watching. You could just sense that you were a part of something bigger while it was happening. 

And this moment right here was no different. The day that Otto Rocket landed the first ever Super McVarial 900 with a little help from Violet Stimpleton and a tennis ball.


Where were you when this happened? I'll tell you where I was--I was home in my living room. I was a child who wasn't in charge of their own life at the time and had no way of going anywhere else without the permission of my parents. I feel like that was probably the case for the majority of us. Unless you guys were having Rocket Power watch parties when you were 8 years old. 

But yeah, huge moment in human history and one that I'll never forget. It just sucks that dork Squid had to try and ruin it for everybody by saying how impossible it was and explaining it through "science" and "physics". Fucking dork. Take a hike, buddy. The Super McVarial 900 was rad as heck regardless of if it took a little extra help from a rogue tennis ball or not. Nobody asked you.