Zeke "The Cheat" Elliott Confirmed Had Coronavirus


Well god damn will you look at this cheater? Purposely putting himself, his family, and the general public in harms way by contracting the coronavirus so opposing linebackers are too scared to tackle him. Disgusting. He's basically telling the other teams that you can gang tackle him, but just know grandma is gonna die if you do. He's probably going to be coughing in everyone's mouths at the bottom of the pile. Absolutely reckless. 

I hate that we are in the middle of a world wide pandemic and we have guys like Ezekiel Elliott being so selfish. Cares more about 7 yards than 7 lives. Hopefully Goodell takes a strong stance and does not allow this sort of behavior. 15 year ban, minimum. 


PS: When a Redskins player comes down with it we can all blame Zeke. Fair is fair.