Every Human In The World Should Be Forced To Take The 'Adulting 101' Class That Kentucky Is Offering This Summer

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Without exaggerating, every single human should be forced to take this sort of class. This should be required when you start college in fact. I know I'm not the first person to talk about it on the blog, but this is the shit colleges should teach. Do you think I'm using algebra more or something like money management? Which one is more important for a regular ass person? 

Don't get me wrong, you should absolutely take classes around your major and dealing with that. If you're going to work in a certain industry, you should probably know that. But college needs to teach shit that helps everyone. The money management, credit card budget is probably the most key. Teach people about resumes and how to properly search for a job - especially if it's a weird time. Shit, I graduated college in May of 2009. You know what wasn't fun? Trying to find a job out of college in 2009. 

I don't even want this to just be a college thing either. Let every teenager and people in their early 20s take this class. You have roommates in your 20s. You post shit online in your 20s. You job search. Take it all, shit it's only $30! You know what you need more than breaking down the ins and outs of some 16th century book? You need to know what the fuck a mortgage is. You need to know how bills work. You need to know how to balance a budget. You need to learn how to go to the grocery store and actually buy shit besides snacks so you can order out every day. Insurance? Teach me that please.