We Got Our First Look At Star Wars: Squadrons Today

I get that this was almost all cutscenes instead of actual gameplay and I trust EA to deliver a great game without shaking me down for all my credits for DLC about as much as I trust my girl being alone with Han Solo. But I actually enjoyed that trailer even though the one thing Star Wars has consistently delivered despite the franchise racking up a Death Star worth of rotten tomatoes ever since the OG trilogy is a decent trailer with a beautiful soundtrack that tickles the nostalgia bone along with one shot that tickles the balls and causes a fanboy boner (The Star Destroyer rising through the clouds was clearly the fanboner moment with Wedge's appearance being a gentle but appreciated slap on the ass). It sounds like EA will be releasing a bunch of gameplay footage come Thursday.

I also get that flying games are a bit of a niche genre but as I've said multiple times on the LCB Star Wars rewatch shows, I grew up playing games like X-Wing, TIE Fighter, and X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter. Pretty original titles, I know. Anyway, Squadrons is not only clearly right up my alley since I like my flight simulators in space where you can play on either side of the war. But this game may be what turns me into an esports legend.

My asking price just went up $50k after seeing that trailer and I'm honestly thinking about signing Scott Boras as my agent because I was a bad mamma jamma behind the wheel of a Y-Wing.

P.S. I know I said that I am anti-DLC and hate to give EA one dollar more than they charge for a game. But I would pay at least one full paycheck to have a Carrie Poppins mission where I shoot down popsicle Leia and save the Star Wars franchise from Rian Johnson.