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15 Year Old Kid Gets Stuck In A Baby Swing For 3 Hours So He Has To Call 911 To Get Out

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Metro- The 15-year-old was wedged in the play equipment in Plymouth, Devon, after squeezing his legs into the tiny seat. He tried in vain to wriggle free but eventually decided to call the fire brigade for help. It took rescue crews 30 minutes to dismantle the swing before the embarrassed lad was finally able to go home. Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service warned others about repeating Wednesday night’s stunt. A spokesman said: ‘One appliance went to the incident at 7.40pm. They dismantled the swing using small tools and were there for around half an hour. ‘Accidents do happen and we always help people in need but there might have been a more serious incident for us to attend. ‘We would ask people to be careful about using age-appropriate play equipment.’


So he probably saw that going a little differently.  I mean I get what he was trying to do.  Have you ever driven by a park and seen one of those baby swings?  Of course you have.  They’re everywhere and they look fun as shit.  Swings in general are awesome.  Back and forth, higher and higher.  You can’t help but think about hopping in one and taking a spin.  Also, part of you doesn’t want to grow up so you say, “Hey if I can still fit inside of a baby swing, how old am I really?”  So this 15 year old gave it a shot, stuck his legs in those little tiny holes and he failed MISERABLY.  Got legitimately stuck.  Had the firefighters out there any everything.  I like how he waited and struggled for three hours before calling in the rescue crew.  Had to try every little way to get out before being like “Okay, I’m actually stuck.  Not fake stuck.”  And once the firefighters show up then the entire neighborhood comes out of their house to see what all of the commotion is.  His friends are pictured in the background laughing at their dumb ass friend.  Gonna be hard to live this one down.  Oh, nothing to see here.  Just a teenager stuck in a baby chair because he’s having trouble coping with the fact that he one day has to become an adult and wanted to re-live the glory days for a few fleeting moments.  The newspaper was so embarrassed for him that they opted to blur out his face.  Or that was because he’s not an adult yet.  Probably a little bit of both.  Rough day for that kid.  But hey, tomorrow is a new day.  You’ll get ‘em tomorrow.