It's Time To Discuss The Girl Who Pretends To Be A Puppy In Public

Yesterday, the video above popped up on my timeline. I was a bit taken back. Imagine going to get some food at the food court and you see a real-life human pretending to be a dog? There are definitely worse things happening in the world, but this visual would definitely send a wave of shock through me if I saw it while I was just trying to get a Big Mac & fries. 

This video comes to us from @yourpuppygirljenna on TikTok. She has three videos on her profile of her pretending to be a, you guessed it, puppy.

It's unclear if this is a prank, a sexual fetish, or a combination of both? There could be something else at play that I'm unaware of. I'm no expert in psychology, but I do know something is going on here. 

Along with learning that puppygirljenna exists, I also learned that it is not okay to shame sexual kinks, even if they are in public. 


I'm at the point where I'm not surprised by whatever the new woke sentiment is. I guess I just wasn't expecting it to extend to allowing kinks into public? How naive of me! Why would they say no to allowing BDSM to happen in broad daylight? Kinks/BDSM aren't even inherently sexual, I guess? They are very similar to every day normal acts like holding hands! Or going to get coffee with your girlfriend!


Learning more every day!