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Hard Factor Radio 6/15: The CHAZ Rebrands, Yoda and BLM, & Did You Hear The One About The Horse That Went To KFC?

Hard Factor Radio returns with a fresh slate of top stories from around the world and another edition of the comment corner.  Listen to the full episode on Sirius On-demand by searching Hard Factor.  

First up, today's top stories: 

FROM THE CHAZ TO THE CHOP -- Out in Seattle, a group of demonstrators have taken over a 6 block stretch of city streets after local police fled following 6 days of protest.  The people of the CHAZ  live police and government well as hygiene free and nearly rule-free.  CHAZ residents also have an interesting take on modern property law that allows theft to be justified by necessity.  


The CHAZ or Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone is now looking to rebrand themselves, fearing that "Autonomous" makes them seem like they're trying to secede from the United States and don't need any assistance.  While that certainly seems like what's going on, as they have appointed Raz Simone, BLM activist as Warlord, CHAZ residents actually aim to have their voices heard like every other protester.  In an act that can only be described as a real-life version of the Whinnie The Pooh tuxedo meme, they have gone from the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone to the Capitol Hill Organized/Occupied Protest, or CHOP. 

MOMENTUM! -- President Trump celebrated his 74th birthday this weekend making him the oldest president in his first term...and it definitely shows.  That's not to say his opponent is so spry himself, as Biden would become the oldest president if he were to take office.  

Over the weekend, President Trump spoke at the West Point Commencement Ceremony, and noticeably had some issues getting off the stage.  

As you can tell in the video, all the rain and strong wind would make this difficult for anyone.  

YODA HAS ENTERED THE CHAT -- After a picture surfaced of a Yoda statue with 'Matter Black Lives Do' spray-painted on its' base, a swarm of nerds took to the internet to debate whether Yoda would actually be for or against BLM.  The thread flew incredibly off the rails and was seemingly never-ending until Luke FUCKING Skywalker HIMSELF stepped in and shut it down.  

Next up, we take it over to some of the best comments on the internet from the biggest news stories of the week.


Was he even watching soccer in the first place? Also, we all know Trump is a College Football guy anyway, so what difference does this make?

A comment from the Hungry Horseman: 

"I had lined up behind some cars and was about to order a Bargain Bucket when all of a sudden this manager came out and said 'you're not allowed through.’ I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I'd done nothing wrong. Jon Jon (the horse) was behaving himself, he was quiet as a lamb - he's a very well-behaved horse.”

In the end, Ian and Jon Jon were able to snag some chicken at the McDonald's across the street whose unwritten slogan is "we'll serve any animal."  There's no telling whether that means they'll serve a meal to any animal or that they don't discriminate when it comes to meat for their hamburgers.  

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