Zion's Rookie Card Just Sold For A Ho-Hum $100,000 And Now I Miss The Days Of Collecting And Opening Cards

This isn't even about Zion's card selling for $100,000. In fact, this might sound crazy, that number isn't even that outrageous when we've seen what other things have gone for. People have fuck you money all around now and will drop $100,000 like it's nothing. No, no, this is about the feeling of opening cards. I wish we had that back in our lives and not in the weird way. 

That's what this blog is about - because talking about the 90s is way better than talking about a Zion rookie card. There was no better feeling as a kid than getting the okay from your pops to take you to the card store. I miss those stores by the way. There was always cool memorabilia on the walls, things for sale and all the cards. It was all about getting the right pack too. Sure you could splurge and pick one that was in a case by itself for like $20 if you wanted that boring life. No, no, it was all about the rush of tearing the pack open. 

You simply can't replicate the feeling of that first look. Your feeling about the pack you picked out was determined in 2 seconds when you saw what the first card was. If it was a bum or a duplicate of one you had? TERRIBLE. Immediate feeling of regret. But if you got a gem? You got a rookie card or your favorite player? That's the high I want back. But it's impossible. You can't replicate that feeling as an adult. 

Oh and I'm convinced I was made to be a GM thanks to the lunch table at that age. Between trading cards and/or snacks, I was made for that life. That's where the boys were separated from the men. You had to know how to frame a trade so it was a win-win.