Harvard Law ($67,000 A Year) Is Telling Students To Just Rent Some Office Space If They Struggle With Online Learning

So let's get a couple things straight before we begin….

- The annual cost of tuition at Harvard Law is $67,081.

- The average age of a Harvard Law graduate is 27 years old.

- To get into Harvard Law, you obviously must have completed your undergraduate degree, meaning you've already paid for / are still paying for 4+ years of college.

And now, with the coronavirus, Harvard Law School ($40 BILLION endowment) is not only keeping tuition exactly the same price even though classes are online, they are now telling their students to just rent out some office space if you struggle to get wifi or a comfortable place to work from home! Look, It's honestly such a tone deaf move that I respect it. This is a Saturday Night Live skit in real life. The people running Harvard simply have no idea the value of a dollar.

Listen, I obviously don't hold all of the answers to this coronavirus thing. And I'm sure schools and businesses are in huge binds with the fact that they aren't bringing in the same amount of money as they thought they would. But how in the world does tuition stay the same during completely online classes? Anyone that thinks the same amount of learning is going on from home is completely clueless. And anyone that thinks the teachers / professors are working with the same amount of effort from home is brain dead. I don't know what all tuition goes towards….but I would think that keeping the buildings open and paying the custodians and all of that would factor in. And that's clearly not happening right now. So to charge someone $67,000 a year to take online classes…..sheeeesh.

And even if that's what you have to do, at least provide some wifi kits or something. Your endowment is $40 BILLION. You can spare a little change for the 20 year olds that are going into hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to attend your school, which has been completely flipped upside down. Hell, you could honestly rent their office space for them or let them deduct it from tuition. Take $62,000 instead of $67,000 this year. Harvard won't crumble. Instead, you suggest perhaps taking out more loans to rent an office space. Yeah, good idea Harvard! I'll just have my personal assistant take care of that on Monday!

Also to make things easier on the transition to online learning, I would recommend hiring a stenographer to take notes for you. Hire a cleaning lady to make sure everything in your new office space is nice and neat. Perhaps get a JURA Z8 Espresso Machine for a mere $8,000 to keep you awake, too. Or hell, if being tired might be an issue, just buy a hotel and use one of the rooms to sleep in.