Wake Up A Great Battle Between Trae Young And Damian Lillard

The Hawks and the Blazers are a lot alike. Both are run by highly entertaining offensive beasts at the point guard position, both are allergic to playing defense, and on any given night both can give you a little bit of NBA history. It's no secret that the league has been changing over the years and players start to launch threes from deeper and deeper this season, and a huge part of that is the play of both Trae Young and Damian Lillard. When it comes to threes from 28+ feet out, these two are the league leaders in attempts. A 35 footer for them is like breathing. 

So when they faced off early in the year back in November, they did not disappoint. Dame put up a solid 30/7/6 and Young a breakout 35/8/10. This pretty much set the tone for what we could expect from each all season, which would be Trae's first All Star year. Few things grab my attention like a quality point guard battle, and this one certainly does this trick.