Patrick Beverley Admits LeBron Runs The League And The NBA Will Do Whatever He Wants

Uhhh, yeah no kidding Pat Bev. But this is why I love Pat Bev, it's the truth. Yeah, guys like Kyrie can speak up and say they don't want to travel to Orlando, but he's not even close to LeBron in terms of pull in the league. So if LeBron comes out and says he wants to play, the Lakers are playing. Dwight Howard ain't going to stop that. Not to mention there's the fact that Chris Paul is the president of the players association. The same Chris Paul that's LeBron's best friend. Think he's going to listen more to LeBron or Kyrie? 

I love that he tagged LeBron in this. He knew what he was doing and this is why Pat Bev is in the league. He's a pest. He's a menace, especially defensively. He's not going to back down from shit. If he's guarding someone better than him he just takes it as a challenge. He goes a million miles a minute and apparently that's true on Twitter too. He just wanted to make sure LeBron (or whoever is running LeBron's account) saw it. 

It's not the first time Pat Bev has stirred it up with LeBron either: 

Pat's not even wrong about his tweet. It's not even an NBA thing. Any league is going to follow what the biggest name in the sport says to do. Well, any league besides MLB because they can't figure the smallest bit of shit out. I do want to see what LeBron says and when he says it. If he's going to speak up against playing, he needs to say it now pretty much. All signs point to the opposite though. 

Just give us the Clippers vs Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. We get the stars, we get the storylines, but I just want to see Pat Bev go at LeBron for 7 games.