Let Them Take Roids

I've never in my adult life ever met anyone who was against steroids in baseball. Not a one. Back when the Mitchell Report dropped you would have thought the MLB was engaged in some sort of international incident that was leaving millions dead by the day. It was the top story on Sportscenter for months. Rafael Palmeiro had to stand trial! What a goddamn clown show that entire fiasco was. And for what? To kill baseball? What a gigantic waste of time, money, reporting, and - worst of all - years of dingerless games. I don't know who Mitchell is but I hope he's had an inexplicable light tickle at the back of his throat for the last 14 years that no cough or glass or water can fix. 

So watching this 30 for 30, as Big Mac and Sosa sock dinger after dinger, I genuinely have to ask why can't they just bring steroids back? If anything the science behind them is much cleaner than it was when Canseco was stabbing his teammates in the ass with rusty syringes. And if you're argument is, "Well it isn't fair to the guys who played the game clean." You're right, that isn't fair, so those nerds are out. Steroids not only encouraged, but mandatory. Baseball is a sport that constantly gets in its own way and trips over its own shoes so I expect them to fuck this up just as they did the first time. But I think after they realize how much money Big Rona is going to end up costing them they can finally see the light and bring MOONBOMB DINGDONGS back to the forefront of this great sport.