Did You Know That Charles Schwab Is A Real Person Who's Still Alive?

So this just happened and it blew my fucking mind. I'm watching the Charles Schwab Challenge on TV and I hear Jim Nantz say, "And now we're gonna bring n the CEO of Charles Schwab........" Let's pause right there for a second. It's around this time every golf Sunday that I mute my television. Every week on the PGA Tour they bring in the CEO of the company sponsoring the event and it's easily the most boring part of the broadcast. It's a pointless conversation every. single. time. Nantz asks pointless questions and the CEO gives pointless answers while we viewers are just waiting for it to be over.

This time was different, however. This time Jim Nantz said, "And now we're going to bring in the CEO of Charles Schwab........Charles Schwab." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not Charles Schwab Jr. Not Charles Schwab the II. Not Charles Schwab the III. THE Charles Schwab. The real guy in the flesh. Blew my mind. Maybe I'm a dumb person but I didn't even know Charles Schwab was a real person. I thought maybe Charles Schwab was just parts of a few people's names but nope. He's a real guy. What's next? You gonna tell me that EF Hutton, Dow Jones and JG Wentworth are real people who are still alive too? Call me crazy but this is right up there with when I found out that Pablo Picasso died in 1973. Not only is Charles Schwab a real person and not only did Picasso not die in the 1600s, but the two of them were alive at the same time on planet earth for 36 years. What a goddamn day.

Low key the best part of the whole thing was Nantz calling him Chuck. Of course. Of course Jim Nantz is best pals with CHARLES SCHWAB and is allowed to call him Chuck.

This is A++++++++++++++++++++