ESPORTS PROS ARE REAL ATHLETES: Call Of Duty League Team Lists First Ever Injury Report For Torn Thumb

MINN - Minnesota Rokkr removed Alex “Alexx” Carpenter from Saturday’s starting lineup in the Call of Duty League due to a thumb injury.  Alexx was replaced by Kaden “Exceed” Stockdale for a match against the Seattle Surge. If they win, Rokkr will play a second match Saturday night against the losers of a match between Atlanta FaZe and the Dallas Empire. said it was “the first time in Call of Duty League history” that an injury knocked a player out of the starting lineup.  Alexx struggled during Minnesota’s loss to Dallas on Friday night. The 21-year-old Englishman posted a 0.59 kill-death ratio.

Damn.  The ol' hitch going down is indeed not good when you need two working thumbs for the sticks.  And it didn't help the team Alexx is one of the best players out there. Minnesota went up 2-0 in the match vs. Seattle, then lost the next 3 to get knocked out. Tough to see. Regardless, just like "Real" athletes, injuries happen.  And thus the first ever report to the Call Of Duty League DL IL goes down in the history books.  Much like how Willie Colon and Glenneth Balls will be regarded as professional athletes when it's all said and done...


Taste it, Colon.  Taste it hard.