Weekend Wake Up: Leeroyyyyyy Jenkinsssssss

Pound for pound maybe my favorite early internet clip. Just some chums gathering together playing WoW, they're discussing their plan but one of the team members is away from keyboard preparing some chicken. He has no clue the plan and when he gets back to the computer he decides to spring into action. Abdul calculated the chance of survival and it was 32.33, repeating of course. Leroy has had enough and screams his name as he makes his way into battle. The rest of the team literally doesn't move until they have no other choice. The team gets absolutely demolished and the mission is failed. Bodies are everywhere and the entire squad is pissed at Leeroy. Theres no real excuse for Leeroy for why he went rogue on the team. Kinda reminds me of GlennyBalls in the General's army on COD. Smitty would have had Leeroy's head if he pulled some shit like that when there were dingos in the pantry. 

BTW tell me this song isn't the best thing you've ever heard.