Here's The Best Chisox Pump Up Video Of 2020 To Take You Into The Weekend

My excitement for the future current White Sox has been reinvigorated with their draft this week. The potential in the arms of both Garrett Crochet and Jared Kelley are through the roof. Here's what Baseball America had to say about the White Sox draft:

The White Sox scouting department "should be doing socially distanced cartwheels" after landing Jared Kelley and Garrett Crochet.

I can fuck with that all day every day. I did say yesterday though that I wasn't as zeroed in on the draft this year. I am, for the first time in ages, more excited about the current 25 man roster of the Chicago White Sox. I'll rarely tune into Winston Salem games, but I will give a shit about Ws and Ls WAY more than player development. Finally. 

Rob Manfred said there will 100% be baseball this year in some form. Rumor has it the latest offer the owners are going to make is for a 70-72 game season at 80-85% pro rated salaries...

… which will be turned down immediately.  It could have been 99.9999% pro rated, it was getting turned down. They'll meet at around 65 games at full pro rated and we'll have baseball come mid July with an awesome end of "season" tournament and that's what makes this so annoying, that both sides refuse to do anything more than inch to a middle ground agreement.

Whatever though, baseball will 100% be back. I cannot wait to shove the White Sox down everyone's throats as soon as they start, that weasel Marty Mush especially. So many good days in the very near future. Fucking coronavirus, goddamn you! 

Be on standby for it